BEEF: Luda Releases Bada Boom Official Video (Drake &| Big Sean Diss)

Shortly after releasing his new mixtape, 1.21 Gigawatts, Rapper Ludacris releases the official video to his track titled “Badaboom” in which he takes subliminal shots at rappers Drizzy &| Big Sean..

Apparently Luda has taken offense to Drake and Big Sean stating that they invented a rap style that Luda refers to as “Supa Dupa” flow (denoted by one-word punch lines at the end of sentences). Luda protests that he been rapping in that style and that since Big Daddy Kane, one of the rap originators, no rap style has been original….just recycled with a twist and stamped with a new artists name on it!

Here’s my opinion: Luda has a point about no rap style being original anymore, but at the same time I personally dont feel like its that serious. Ludacris rap career is one CD from being washed up &| I think this is a great marketing way to get his foot back in the game so people with start paying him attention again. But great scheme cause the video is dope!


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