Common Speaks on Rumors of “Drake Diss”


Common takes shots at “soft” rappers, rhyming, “Y’all niggas man, y’all soft motherfuckers…Singing all around me man, la la la…You ain’t motherfucking Frank Sinatra…Uh, lil’ bitch…Sweet ass motherfucker.” on his new single titled “Sweet”!

Of course society &| the media has taken this and ran with it as “Common dissing Drake”…. So Common caught up with V103 in Atlanta to openly speak on the single and it’s meaning:

Some people have been saying that, but on that song, I’m just talking about whoever the cap fits. I’m talking about rappers out there that’s soft and doing the same thing. So if the cap fits, then that’s who it is,” he said “That’s all it is. It’s whoever the cap fits, then let ‘em wear it. I think it’s a lot of creative artists out there. I think Drake makes some good music.

Naming Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Lil Wayne as contemporaries whose music he enjoys, Com said anyone who catches feelings from the cut are the ones he’s dissing.

Kudos to HipHopDX for the info!


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  1. Whats “soft” is knowing good and damn well that you are throwing shots at niggas…and when someone asks you, you deny it. *i still love Com tho*

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