Weezy Vs. Yeezy


Found a rather interesting post today when surfing the web…Rapper, Common, stated during an interview that if he could choose 2 rappers to be in a rap battle today it would be Lil Wayne Vs. Kanye!

I think not at a real war, but just on an MC level battle, I think two emcees who would really be a good battle would be Kanye and Lil Wayne,” he said. “They both got them lines that you be like, ‘Dang, that line was cold. Some real lines!’ They both got style, too. I think it’d be a good battle.

I found this very interesting coming from Common…my question to you is:

Who you got winning a rap battle between Wayne &| ‘Ye? And WHY?


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  1. I’m goin wit Yeezy in a rap battle only cuz I’m still unsure if Wayne freestyles or not!

  2. Ye’ would win. Wayne said hisself he doesn’t freestyle. Even w/ prepared raps I can’t see Wayne winnin, can’t really see him in a battle.

  3. I pick Ye. I’m pretty biased on this because all Wayne does is say punchlines & laugh. ‘haaaaaaaaa’ FOH Ye continues to step it up every time.

  4. Wayne would win that easily. Although, neither are the battling type, Wayne has a more aggressive rap style. Besides, I’m a huge fan of Kanye as far as pure music goes, yet he has never made an aggressive song that uses some of the elements of a rap battle. Wayne, on the other hand, has numerous aggressive tracks that use those elements.

    On another note, that would be the weakest battle in HipHop history. 2 fashionistic “men”? lol.

  5. Now this is a hard question I fucks wit yeezy all day but wayne stay smashing shit his even tho I doubt his flows is freestyles but I say Wayne

  6. I thinks its a hard one to call. I dont see either of these rappers as the type to battle or freestyle, however, I feel if they had to, both would go in for the kill. Kanye isnt very aggressive as an artist, but he has great word play. Wayne is aggressive, but his word play can be off at times to the point where you dont always know what point he’s getting at. But, both styles work for both rappers. They’re great at it. It would be a close battle in my eyes.

  7. Im riding wit Ye’, Weezy is more a rapper than artist…Ye’ is more well rounded,

    • Let me start by stating that I love Kanye and Wayne on the same level. However, if I had to pick one to win the battle it would have to be Weezy. Simply because when it comes to punch lines Wayne is the King. You dont catch people tweeting Yeezy punch lines daily.

  8. Im rollin’ wit Kanye in a battle. Pretty sure Wayne couldn’t freestyle his way out a paper bag. Lol

  9. HMMMMMMM. Being that Common is apart of G.O.O.D Music, i find it RATHER interesting that he would pick Wayne and ‘Ye, specifically because I think ‘Ye (and Jay) have been throwing subliminal shots at Wayne… this FURTHER lets me know that there could possibly be a relevant beef and entertaining music to be gotten from this. *back to the original question* im rocking with Yeezy.

  10. although i dont see either of them as “battle” rappers Im goin with Kanye…he has elevated his flow tremendously…and i think after Wayne says a few lines about fuckin the world and eating pussy he will run out…lol

  11. I’d take Wayne, if he was still doing lean, but if Wayne is sober, I’d take ‘Ye.

  12. Punchline wise Wayne will but he wont just kill kanye tho it will good to see but off the top kanye

  13. Ya’ll tripping…. Somebody please put a Kanye “battle type” verse up….

    For ex: Here’s a few from Wayne

    “Not even in an ‘I’ exam, ‘U’ aint fucking with ‘I’, a ‘A’ and a ‘K’ will leave a face crooked to the side”
    “Real G’s move in silence like LASAgNA ”

    And even I dont listen to most of the bull Wayne raps, but in this area, he’s better than Ye.

  14. Wayne’s limited vocabulary and lyrical content will hinder him…handicap him if you will.

  15. This is getting good! Mike has a valid point with Wayne’s aggressive rap style gives him the advantage over ‘Ye but I can also feel where Dee and Britt coming from with Wayne vocab. Sometimes he goes off on tangents that makes no sense. Originally I easily said ‘Ye but after further review…it would be a good battle but to me Wayne is a “punch line rapper” and that’s what a actual rap battle is about so I’ma take Weezy…

  16. Don’t confuse punch lines with just slick wordplay…plus Wanye ain’t gonna be sober tho! I’m taking Mr. West

  17. I say a tie both of them is all over the fuckin map Lmao…. But to pick one ill say a Wayne.. I’m a fan of Ye the producer

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