[B.E.E.F] Drake & Common AT IT AGAIN

Sooo Drake and Common are at each others neck again! Friday Rozay dropped his new mixtape Rich Forever and a new video  for his hit single [off the mixtape] “Stay Schemin”” featuring Drake and French Montana. In this track, Drizzy finally responded to Common’s diss to him in his track “Sweet” [and I must say Drake went IN…]

[Drake- Stay Schemin Diss Lyrics]

It bothers me when the Gods get to acting like the broads

Guess every team doesn’t come complete with n*ggas like ours.


That’s why I see no need to compete with n*ggas like y’all

I just ask them when you see me, you speak up n*gga that’s all


Don’t be ducking like you never wanted nothing

It’s feeling like rap changed, there was a time it was rugged


Back when if a n*gga reached, it was for the weapon

Nowadays n*ggas reach just to sell a record


I’m just hitting my pinnacle, you and p**sy identical

You like the fucking finish line, we can’t wait to run into you.

Weeeelllllll the Vet, Common, took NO TIME to shoot back! This morning, Com Sense released a diss track on the same “Stay Schemin” beat (which should be playing while you read this post…)

I thought Common wouldn’t be able to bounce back from Drake’s daggers, but I was COMPLETELY WRONG

[Common’s Diss Lyrics]

My motto issss “Chicago biitttcchh”

Everybody know you sweet, what the motherf-ckin problem is…


Don’t play dumb, I’m the one that acknowledged it

Son of a bitch, I imagine what ya father is


She said how you make your opponent, the rapper of the moment

This style, you don’t own it


Acting all hard, you ain’t hardly like that

You gone mess around and make me catch a body like that aaawwwwww


DONT DOT IT, cause every song you make is “hoe music”


I heard you say you ain’t a bitch cause you sing

You’s a b*tch cause you cling like a bitch that’s 18…


Can’t say ,my name but you can rap bout a guy’s wife

You ain’t wetting no one n*gga, YOU CANADA DRY…

Fading out: “Soft n*gga, make no mistake, I’m talking about Drake!”


Dope Track but I have 2 problems…..

1. The rumor is this beef is all over Serena Williams! Say whaaaaa??? If you gone beef over a chick, it better be a BAADDD one (i.e. Halle Berry, Zoey Saldana, Paula Patton…)

2. How serious can you take two LIGHTSKIN N*GGAS beefing? We all know light skin people can’t fight *shrugs.

So tell me. who you think won round 1??  I’m taking Com Sense

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