[Prissy.Problem] Motives by LaLa

LaLa Anthony had a sit down with E! for an interview and behind scenes footage of her photo-shoot for her new cosmetic label. in this interview Ms. Anthony explained her feelings towards valentines day, her make up line, and Kim Kardashian:

Feelings about creating a new make up line?

I always wanted to have a make-up line but I never thought that would actually be possibly. My friend Loren Ridinger has the ‘Motives Collection’ so I approached her with an idea to come out with ‘Motives For Lala.’ I’m just excited! It’s affordable make-up.

Insight on Kim K?

She doesn’t sleep at all. Its 5 o’clock wake-up, go to bed in the middle of the night, and she’s getting her nails done while she’s sleeping. It’s insane and it’s just the work ethic that I admire and I want to put that same drive behind this line.


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