[Rumor.Millz] When Parenting Goes Wrong…

Sooooooo…..I guess Money Talks! Recently 50 Cent took it upon himself to take Floyd Mayweather’s son to the tattoo parlor at 2:30 AM to get some fresh ink


Not only is Floyd’s son only 13 YEARS OLD but it was also a school night! Cmon man… &| even though Floyd took it to twitter to express his anger with 50 regarding taking him son to the tattoo parlor, I don’t seem to understand how it was even allowed in the first place but Floyd or his son’s mother!

Floyd Tweet:

What the hell is wrong with @50cent got my son hanging out getting tattoos at 2:30am on a school night.

50 Cent’s Response:

Man @FloydMayweather mad at me I took his son to the tattoo spot. He’s 13 he’s a big boy MONEY TEAM 


Kudos to Bossip for the story!



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