[He.Got.Game] SuperBowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday

By: Trent Little

Sunday’s Super Bowl game will look very familiar to NFL fans. On this day five years ago these two teams faced off in the same game, when the Eli Manning- led Giants defeated the undefeated Patriots giving them their only loss of that season. Tom Brady and the Patriots are back for some unfinished business.

This game has potential to go down as the best Superbowl ever, because of the legacies of the players/coaches involved. A Brady win would give him and Coach Belichick four rings and ensure a spot in NFL legendary for both, but a loss would give Brady a mediocre 15-6 record after starting 9-0 in the playoffs. Another legacy in jeopardy is that of Eli Manning’s, winning this Superbowl would give him two Super Bowl rings, one up on big brother Peyton Manning, and a 3-0 overall record against Tom Brady.


I’ve always told myself to never go against Brady. However, recently Tom Brady hasn’t looked like the two-time Superbowl MVP we once knew. Against the Baltimore Ravens two weeks ago he was flustered, and rattled in the pocket finishing with zero touchdowns, and two interceptions. I don’t even want to think about that ferocious front four of the Giants against Brady. If Brady pulls out this Superbowl win no doubt it will be his most impressive. His favorite target Gronkowski is hopping around on one leg, and the Patriots pass defense is basically doing the same ranking 31st in the league. Belichick even decided to convert a wide receiver to a cornerback, in Julian Edelman. I have expressed my unsatisfaction in Eli Manning on numerous occasions but if he pulls this out I’ll back off. You can’t doubt someone who has won two super bowls. With the weapons Eli has on the outside in Hakeem Nicks( Charlotte native) and Victor Cruz he should be able to go up and down the field against that wretched Patriots secondary. To conclude, ……never go against Brady. Prediction: Patriots Win

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