[She.Got.Game] Jeremy Lin’s Game Winning 3…

Looking for their 6 win in a row, being lead by the new Asian Sensation, Jeremy Lin, The New York Knicks headed into Toronto for a hard-fought game!

With 15 seconds left in the game, shot clock off, Jeremy Lin called isolation, and with 0.5 seconds left drained a game winning 3 pointer! This TRUE point guard is exactly what the New York Knicks needed. Although we still waiting to see in the team when everyone is healthy [pretty much waiting to see if Melo fits in this new line-up with his “i always got to shoot” work ethic], i think if they can all play together, the Knicks can actually contend in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Check out Jeremy Lin’s shot below:



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  1. Another awesome game for Lin. Great work…I wrote something about him over at http://breslinsports.com — hope you’ll check it out!

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