[SneaKerHeadz] Galaxy Foams Madness

As the clock stuck midnight, there were certain sneakerheads who were at the crib rushing to hit check out on that shopping cart at Nikestore.com to confirm their purchase of the KD or Bron “Galaxies” releases! For those who weren’t….were probably part of the madness across various malls in an attempt to cop a pair of the limited Galaxy Foams
Courtesy of Twitter, images [see below] were posted showing the 3000+ people who were rushing to foot locker to get their Kickz! Reports say that the riot police were brought in to keep the order, and before it was all over tear gas was released and “warning” shots were fired in the air to keep the peace! ….later Police order the store be shut down for the safety of the civilians. Shit sneakerhead



[Props to KicksOnFire for the photos]


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