[She.Got.Game] Mike D’Antoni Resigns

Who knew that the same coach that brought his the LIN-sanity mania earlier this year, would be announcing “retirement” just weeks later! Everyone thought that the Knicks would be contenders in the Eastern conference this year after acquiring both Amare Stoudamire and Carmelo Anthony for the new season, whom both are repeat all-stars but that was not the case! Knicks struggled early into the season, and the analysis was that they lacked a good point guard.

Mike D’Antoni decided to take a chance on Jeremy Lin, an undrafted guard out of Harvard university and it was one of the greatest moves for the team! With Carmelo out due to injury Jeremy Lin lead the team to 6 consecutive wins! It gave the fans in Madison Square Garden hope….thats until……….Carmelo Anthony came back and the Knicks began to fail again.

D’Antoni is known for his offensive point guard centered coaching style, and as we all know, that did not sit to well with Carmelo Anthony [Who always wants the offense ran through him]. With that being said, I don’t believe that Melo had nothing to do with the decision of D’Antoni resigning! D’Antoni saying that he had “lost his locker room” did help Anthony’s case.

Knicks are looking to get Phil Jackson to come out of retirement to coach the team, and sources also say that former Jazz coach Jerry Sloan is interested in coaching the knicks as well


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