[FAME] YMCMB Takes Over Pepsi


YMCMB has the music industry on lock and they just keep tightening the cuffs! Just last week at the SXSW concert, Lil Wayne promoted his new multi-million dollar endorsement [his first] with Pepsi owned Mountain Dew! Weezy is now starting to branch out to the more business side of his career with a new clothing line just released [Trukit] and a future sneaker release. Here’s what Mountain Dew Brand Manager, Jamal Henderson, had to say about the collab with Weezy:

“We are celebrating Wayne through this campaign as an artist who found his personal success by following his own path.”

“There is no other artist who embodies that ethos more than Lil Wayne, who is not only always dancing outside of the box but makes no apologies for who he is.”

As if DEWeezy wasn’t enough, yesterday Forbes reported that Nicki Minaj has sign a multi million dollar deal with Pepsi! With their new drink called Pop coming soon, Pepsi decided Minaj should be the face of the franchise being as tho she is one of the biggest influences on the pop industry with her unorthodox stand out style! You can look forward to seeing Nicki’s first Pop Pepsi commercial in about 2 months
[Props to Forbes for the story]


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