[Release.Reminder] Nike Store To Release Air Yeezy 2

All hope is not lost… Days ago NikeStore gave sneakerheads across the globe hope to acquire the newly highly anticipated Air Yeezy 2’s! The exclusive kicks will be released on the online Nike Store in both colorways..


Nike will not release the day or time that they will drop! So you have to be alert and checking Nikestore.com frequently to catch them…

Also, because their have been so much trouble with the checkout process with new releases on the site, Nike has put into effect a new checkout procedure:

NikeStore Checkout Update:

NikeStore.com has evolved to give you more time in checkout to verify your information and complete your purchase of new releases.

Customers who are first to add their size to the cart and get to the payment step will have a temporary hold on that pair. Once you reach the payment step with your product, take your time to verify your information and complete the checkout process knowing that the product is held for you for a reasonable amount of time.

When all units of a size are held, the size will not show as available on site.  If any consumers holding a pair in checkout don’t complete checkout, those sizes will become available on the site again in a short time period.

Once all pairs have been fully ordered, we will tweet that the style is sold out.

[Be sure to stay on your toes to cop those Yeezys, and props to KicksonFire for the imagery]


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