[He.Got.Game] NBA Finals Prediction || Trent Little

NBA Finals
By: Trent Little

I know the NBA Lockout days seem like a blur now considering the NBA Finals begin tomorrow in Oklahoma City with the Thunder taking on the Heat at 9 p.m. However, the matchup between KD and Lebron reminded me of a very dismal place last Fall. Each Fall NBA fans are usually gloating about their favorite team or player, but last Fall no one had anything to gloat about with the Lockout looming over the NBA. I searched the internet daily looking for anything basketball-related to fill the void of not having any basketball to watch. While some players took their talent overseas, others just sat around, but KD and Lebron worked out and trained together everyday, doing swimming drills and on-court drills at the Akron University gym in Akron,Ohio the hometown of Lebron James. To see these two players shooting to be great while no one was watching at a time of uncertainty and not having a job due to the Lockout was very intriguing. In these drills these two players displayed a hunger for greatness, coincidentally the 3-episode vlog was titled “Striving for Greatness”.

Seven months later, Lebron and KD are 4 wins away from getting closer to their dream, to be great. Lebron’s Miami Heat will take on the Durant-led Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals, each player seeking out their first ring. A ring for three-time scoring champ Kevin Durant will put him into good shape to be remembered as a great by the end of his career. Lebron has accomplished everything except a title being named the MVP of the league 3 times, therefore a ring would validate all his prior awards. One thing I can say about this NBA Finals is that it will be a great one, for the legacies at stake, and the fact that we have arguably the top two players in the league facing each other.

On to the Predictions: In no way shape or form am I a Lebron fan. The way he made his decision a couple of years ago didn’t sit well in my book, and the fact that he decided to team up with another superstar in Dwayne Wade, and a All-Star in Chris Bosh. However, the run Lebron has had in this years playoffs forced me to respect him. The 45, 15, and 5 Game 6 performance against the Boston Celtics in the TD Bank Garden facing elimination is the greatest playoff performance our generation has seen by an individual. As much as I don’t want it to happen I just feel this is Lebron’s year. As great of a player Kevin Durant is, there’s one thing I don’t like about his game. When Kevin Durant came out of college, many said he was too small but it never seemed a big deal as he’s been crowned the scoring champ three years in a row.The problem I see in Kevin Durant’s game is that he has a hard time of getting off a defender to get open, stemming from the fact that he’s a Pixy Stix. This causes the Thunder’s offense to look stagnant at times, and leads to the extreme criticisms of Russell Westbrook. Too many times, I’ve seen KD disappear in the late stretches of games due to the fact that he isn’t able to get open unless he’s running off a screen. He can’t afford to disappear in any of these games against the Miami Heat, because Lebron, Wade, or Bosh will make him pay. Just like Chris Bosh showed in Game 7 against Boston, I feel he will be the difference maker in this series. I’ve changed my mind many times about who’s going to win this series in the last days, but I finally decided. In 7 games, Lebron James will hoist his first NBA championship.

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