[She.Got.Game] Free Agent Moves || Ray Allen

Where will Ray Allen go? Its no secret that Celtics guard, Ray Allen contract is up with the Boston Celtics, whom he spent several years with! Now the headlines is screaming, who will this 37 year-old veteran choose to continue his career with. As we all kno the #1 team with Allen in their sight is the champion Miami Heat! Personally, I feel like Ray Allen is the perfect fit for this team. With him being the BEST 3-pointer shooter to ever play the game, Miami offense sets him up to be a threat to any of their opponents! It’s no way a team can leave Ray Allen unattended behind the arc, which opens up the lane for Bron and Wade:: Vice versa if you double down on Wade and Bron going to the rack (which is most teams strategy) that leaves Ray open for what he does naturally. But here’s the real question at hand:

What is Ray Allen’s motivation?

With offers from the Heat, Celtics, Clippers, Timberwolves and Grizzles…. The determining factor of who Allen will sign with lies in his motivation boundaries. The Miami Heat
can offer him a chance at a ring being as though they are champions and not losing anyone this year, a perfect fit into the type of game Allen is use to playing, BUT only about $3 million a year.
The Boston Celtics can offer Allen the most money at $12 million a year BUT it’s already in stone that he will come off the bench behind a healthy Bradley next year, which poses a problem as rumor has it that Ray wants to start. The Clippers can also only offer Allen about $5 million along with the Grizzlies and Timberwolves but his chances of starting is more likely in those places.

I think Allen decisions is soley based on what he is in it for at this point in his career, I’m praying he goes with the Heat though, but of course my vote is bias [Team Heat all day]


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