[She.Got.Game] Veteran Point Guards “Switch” The Game Up || Nash && Kidd Trades


The old-timers spice up the NBA… After a lot of speculation over 38 year old vet Steve Nash and where he will play next year, the former Sun threw a fast ball to the public with his choice. It was clear that Steve Nash would no longer be a Sun after seeing the Phoenix Suns draft Carolina Tarheels Point Guard, Kendall Marshall on top of Nash contract being up. A couple weeks ago we heard rumors of Nash and the Miami Heat interest in each other but nothing was ever confirmed. This week Nash got a BIG offer from the Raptors to come to Canada and play under a 3 year deal, which we thought sure Nash would take being as though he spent years there and has money invested his a soccer team. But to our surprise Steve Nash has signed a deal to team up with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers!!!

Nash says he chose Lakers to be closer to his family and felt like his talents could benefit for this organization. My opinion: Offensively the lakers will be more of a threat this year, it’s impossible to leave Steve Nash open with the set shot that’s potent to any defense. BUT, defensively I think the Lakers are in trouble. It’s no secret, that Nash is not one of the better defenders and with talent like Russell Westbrook and Tony Parker it will be hard for the Lakers to defend, on top of there coach, Mike Brown having a defense first gameplan. It will be interesting to see how this laker gang bounce back this year….

MEANWHILLLEEE IN NEW YORK CITY… After the failed attempt to acquire Steve Nash, the New York Knicks snatch up 39 year-old Jason Kidd from the Dallas Mavericks! Quite unexpected, Kidd, who played with the Mavs since 2008 and being part of the championship team just a year ago, has decided to join Melo and the gang. Not sure how this will work out with Kidd’s age, but Knicks were lacking a facilitator on the floor hence to why they were a shoot first run play later type of squad. Hopefully Kidd’s experience and leadership and bring the chemistry together for this squad and take them further into the playoffs…

Amongst those big trades, a lot more has been going on around the NBA. Jason Terry has signed with the Celtics, Michael Beasley to the Suns, And Lin to the Rockets.

Power moves from both the Brooklyn Nets [formerly the New Jersey Nets] and LA Clippers! Nets acquire Gerald Wallace, Joe Johnson and re-sign Deron Williams and Clippers acquire Lamar Odom, Jamal Crawford and Chauncey Billups…/em>


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