[SNEAKer.Peek] LeBron 10’s Preview


The King continues to make us witness…. Since James has entered the league with his 90 million dollar contract with Nike, he has not let us down with kicks! Although, no one will ever overcome Jordan’s legacy in the sneaker game, Bron is making a name for hisself! We have witness stakeouts for a couple of his kicks, the most popular probably being the elite south beach 9s…

But now we have a new treat in the works! The Bron 10’s! Now these photos are leaked, but it’s a good chance that the upcoming release will be very similar, if not this exact shoe! It is rumored to have two versions:

1 being the regular shoe, retailed around $170, and the other to be equipped with the new Nike+ technology [that records your workouts with an app and the actual shoe]. This tech savvy edition is suppose to retail at $315! Going on record as the highest marked Nike signature shoe…

You think it’s worth it?



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