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@DixiePistol’s Twitter Awards Nominees


Asshole of the Year:
– @Shoeicideboog
– @Pure_asshole12
– @Ferb22
– @Katera2xs
– @DatNiggaBingo

Best Avi’s of 2011 (Female):
– @Palmbutter
– @ChiChiMuyBonita
– @PriMOEdonna
– @PrettynKicks

Best Avi’s of 2011 (Male):
– @IAmBENZVeal
– @Spake_Griffin
– @Danger_RUS

Funniest Tweeter of the year:
– @B_EasyETP
– @DatNiggaBingo
– @Katera2xs
– @Mr_13
– @VicNasty_704

Funniest TL Moment of the year:
– @Ferb22’s “I Got Cancer”
– @DROSEQC’s “Breakfast”
– @CDotWoods & @DatNiggaBingo “hi fiving”
– @Spake_Griffin hacking @Ferb22

Lonely Tweeter of the year:
– @DatNiggaBingo
– @B_EasyETP
– @R_Dot_Turner
– @Katera2xs

QC Top 5 of the Year:
– @Katera2xs
– @DatNiggaBingo
– @B_EasyETP
– @Ferb22
– @VicNasty_704
– @Ayo_Nick704
– @iTweet4Pesos
– @Bitch_Im_Shai
– @HoodHozay
– @Ace704i

Funniest Twitpic of the year:
– @B_EasyETP’s “WTF face”
– @DROSEQC’s “breakfast plate”
– @Mr_13_ “#namethathaircut”

Tweeter of the Year:
– @Papi_bfaceinit
– @Prettynkicks
– @juschill78
– @Carolinabluekix

Music Head of 2011:
– @Pure_asshole12
– @Msjnicole
– @nemosabe

Tune in for the winners to bring in the new year!! This year’s people choice award is: Thirst Tweeter of the year! Winner announced with next posting. HAPPY NEW YEAR ūüôā

How to Embarrass Your FAMOUS Daughter…

I can’t believe that this is REAL! During my daily surf of web I came across all these magazines and blogs running post on R&B singer, Keyshia Cole’s¬†mother Frankie¬†and her new dance video!

Intrigued to see what this lady came up with this time, after already demonstrating that she has some unorthodox¬† ways about herself that she is in no way afraid to show to the media or public! NO WORDS¬†can describe the emotions I felt while playing this video…you have to see it for yourself!

Frankie Lons “Frankie Leg”

Chocolate Droppa Rap Battle Xclusive

Kevin Hart¬†aka¬†K Hart¬†bka¬†Chocolate Droppa¬†is at it again! This time in his first RAP BATTLE versus T-Pain… Funniest thing I¬†seen all day so I thought I would share!