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[Black.Love] The REAL Basketball Wives

LaLa Anthony, Trina, Savannah, && Gabby Union in London

From Paris with Love… The REAL basketball wives (and girlfriends) of NBA players were spotted in London to support their men and LaLa Anthony’s official release of her new cosmetics line Motives!

I know you all are wondering, what is The baddest bitch doing in this mix? Yea I asked the same thing… But rumor has it, she is now dating OKC Thunder’s James Harden! These lovely ladies should really be the ones with the show, but the keep it classy and their personal lives as private as possible.

Vanessa Bryant was also caught chopping it up with the FAB ladies in London!

[Props to Necole Bitchie for the imagery]

[Black.Love] PrettiProblem Of the Week: Hov and Bey


This week’s PrettiProblem is actually a couple! Spotted at Knicks game [minus their new addition blue ivy], Hov and Bey looked stylish and very much in love! Check em out…



[Props to Vibe for the imagery]

[Black.Love] Happy 4th Year Anniversary To Hov &| Bey

4 is the lucky number for the most popular couple in the industry! In honor of their 4th year wedding anniversary below are some of Hov &| Bey’s cutest paparazzi moments [in my opinion]:

For the special occasion, Beyonce has started a tumblr page in which she is rumored to share photos of her and her hubby! The site is locked now but once it’s up and running tune in…

[FAME] Nas Speaks On Divorce With Kelis

Ever wonder what was Nas thoughts about his divorce with R&B songstress Kelis? In a recent interview with MTV RapFix, Nas finally spoke out on how his divorce went and being in the limelight:

“Life is crazy. I [wound] up paying more money to baby mommas than what some of my rap brothers and sistren make,” he said. “I’ve always been away from too much limelight and that right there put me in your… No one’s exempt from people probing into your life once you get into the game. So it put a lot of my business out there, man. It was like, people weren’t thinking I was making that kind of money, and now they knew.

“I was always low key with it in a lot of ways. It was hard with people being all in your business, and it was just ugly. Divorce can be crazy,” he continued, offering some advice for married couples. “Man, if you’re happy… Love is a beast, man. Hold on. Be prepared for any way it may go, and be honest.”

[Props to HipHopDX for story]

[AllStar.Weekend] Love and Basketball Remake

Love and Basketball is back! All-star weekend had tons of love in the air at the Ball so hard event… Spotted at the event was LeBron James and Savannah, Chris Paul and Jada, and Carmelo Anthony and LaLa! Peep the photos below:





[Props to Necole Bitchie for the pics]

Hov &| Bey Public Service Announcement

It’s rare to hear anything from the hollywood couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce, they do a great job of keeping their private lives PRIVATE and their relationship out of the public eye [other celebs need to take note and stop craving for all this attention, don’t you have enough?]….

But the couple went public today to announce the birth of their baby girl Blue Ivy Carter!!! The newest hollywood baby has only been in the world for 2 days and has already been talked about more than some “rappers” who been trying to reach “star status” for years! lol THAT SH*T KRAY…

Hello Hello Baby Blue!

We are happy to announce the arrival of our beautiful daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, born Saturday, January 7th, 2012.

Her birth was emotional and extremely peaceful, we are in heaven.

She was delivered naturally at a healthy 7 pounds and it was the best experience of both of our lives!

We are thankful to everyone for all your prayers, well wishes, love and support.

-Beyonce and Jay-Z

Sources say that the delivery was supposed to be a scheduled c-section, but hey Bey says differently sooooo *shrugs

Kudos to Beyonce Online and Necole Bitchie for the story…

“I D-O, I D-O, I D-O-O-O” Bron Proposes To Bring in 2k12

LBJ has finally popped the question! and what better time to do it than in front of his family and friends, in celebration of a great win over the Timberwolves and 4-0 start to the 2k11-2k12 season, his 27th birthday, and a BRAND NEW YEAR!

“A person like myself always needs a great sidekick and a person you can rely on no matter the circumstances. And [Savannah’s] that. She’s got my back, and I love her for that.” -Lebron James

Bron’s New Years Eve Dinner included party guests Queen Latifah, Jessica White, Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade and more! They all held champagne glasses, some teary eyed; but none more than Savannah as James dropped to his knee [in what appeared to be some very exclusive slacks, not to mention that crease I know that he got in those Jays while down there] and asked for her hand in marriage! Of course she said yes, I mean they have only been together forever! Savannah and Lebron have been dating since she was 16 and have two kids together; Lebron Jr (7) and Bryce (4).

To conclude the night, Lebron and Savannah, along with others sat poolside, where Nas and Lauryn Hill treated guests to a performance of ‘If I Ruled The World’.


Kudos to Necole Bitchie for the xclusive photos below 🙂

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[Vibe.ReVamped] Ten Couples Who Should Of Hooked-Up in 2011

Inspired by Vibe’s blog entry, I decided to post my own list of celebs who I thought should have hooked up in 2011…Drop a comment if you feel like it’s a better match out there!!!

1. Rihanna &| Drizzy

Heard a little buzz about these two having an encounter or 2 or 3, but nothing was ever confirmed about this! I think that they are so cute together, and chances of another “Breezy” repeat is slim to none, Drake ain’t got it in him. He’s a lover not a fighter…. *ques Marvin’s Room*

2. Kelly Rowland &| Reggie Bush

In my personal opinion this is two of the sexiest dark skin celebs in the game, so why not hook up?! I know after Kim K, Reggie ain’t interested in those light skin women *lol* and you never hear much about Kelly Rowland liking anyone… [we got that from her episodes in LaLa’s Full Court Life]. 

3. Chris Brown &| Ciara

I would have to say that I choose these two simply because of their dancing skills, and I feel in my soul that sexual experience would be amazing to say the least *shrugs

4. J.Cole &| Keri Hilson

Yes we all know that Miss Keri is holding firm to her “anti-hollywood” relationship, but we can still dream! I think these two are cute together and Cole is still humbling to his new-found fame so I don’t think that he would come off as “in the spotlight” as the others who has tried to pursue Keri in the past!

5. Cassie &| Nicki Minaj

My wildcard selection: and no I’m not adding “pause” “no homo” or nothing to this pick, this is a sexy situation no matter who you are! [if you don’t agree then oh well omit this one and continue reading hehe]

6. Meek Mill &| Trina

Selection made by @PrettynKicks: Meek Mill is a wild Philly boy and needs someone to tame his azz, who better than the baddest b*tch herself?!

6. Trey Songz &| Zoe Saldana

Hmm mmm mmm…. *melts in thoughts* though both of these parties are skinny as all get out, I think this would have been a great match up [Word on the street is that Zoe likes them white *shrugs to each’s own]

8. Lauren London &| Romeo

First, lets take a moment to get the “lil romeo” image out of our mind cause that is FAR over with! He is ALL GROWN UP, and of course New-New will always be New-New [no explanation needed]

9. Channing Tatum &| Megan Fox

I figured that I would pair up my “white boy” and “white girl” crushes together! Both are VERY sexy and get actors… [Paul Walker is still my #1 but I think he may be a lil too old for Megan]

10. Common &| Halle Berry

One time for the old heads. No clue why in the world why these two people appear to be single as ever, Halle need to stir away from that white meat and go a couple of shades darker! [Common is light bright so it shouldn’t be that much of a difference]


[Pretti.Problem.Xclusive] @ Me So I Know It’s Real

@ Me So I know Its Real!
  By: Sa’eed Amir Shabazz

From the beginning of time love & relationships have been stagnant in everyday lives. While the foundation for them has somewhat remained we are faced with new obstacles. Ironically, social networks have become one. Nowadays a relationship isn’t cemented until we confirm our union via Facebook or display it for all of our followers to see. Why? Do we want attention? Validation? Are we so punch drunk in love we don’t care? For me I’ve never really delved into those realms. I’m fairly private in relationships with the exception of Facebook pictures I’ve kept that part sacred. I respect it too much to air out my inner feelings of a person I love & I’m with, which is why I think a lot of relationships falter. A lot of them lack respect. Often times one person is still living or acting single because their relationship has yet to be defined. One person is more into the relationship than the other. You throw trust in there & it gets worse. I’ve seen couples expose each other just because someone flirted with their partner. I’m not against relationships being open on social networks but you have to be secure in your relationship & significant other. If not you’ll have everyone in it & see yourself trying to hold this image of what you are. I’m too busy trying to make my relationship work to worry about some social network. It’s hard enough already. There are relationships it doesn’t affect it shouldn’t to any. I say just focus on your bond, connection, each other it’ll prosper. Let’s put the apps away & watch a movie. Like our parents use to. Relationships ain’t dead, you people just scared.

“Love is for everybody” – Aracelis Girmay

“RElive the Moment” Mondays Love Edition

Check Yes or NoRemember when love was so sweet &| simple? Well at least “Puppy Love.” Thinking back, I know everyone remembers that magical moment when you got that uniquely folded letter passed to you in class from that person you have been crushing on &| getting dressed extra nice for all year! It was the day you fell in love. Nothing was a greater stroke to a lil boys’ ego or a boost to a young girls’ confidence level. For the rest of the year you had a boyfriend/girlfriend, and there was no extra stipulations. THOSE WERE THE GOOD ‘OL HAPPY, STRESS-FREE DAYS! Now-a-days there is a set interview and trial period for relationships. You have to run social security #’s, track records and everything just to go on a date!

“My how times have changed” *sigh