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[Prissy.Problem] Pretti Pump of the Week

I’m starting a new weekly segment for all my Prissy Problem followers I have! It’s Pretti.Pump of the week and the first feature is some 5 inch black and hot pink platforms! These are open toe ankle booties with a cute buckle to set it off…

This sexy heels are available for only 69.00!! Get your pair now here….

[Prissy.Problem] Motives by LaLa

LaLa Anthony had a sit down with E! for an interview and behind scenes footage of her photo-shoot for her new cosmetic label. in this interview Ms. Anthony explained her feelings towards valentines day, her make up line, and Kim Kardashian:

Feelings about creating a new make up line?

I always wanted to have a make-up line but I never thought that would actually be possibly. My friend Loren Ridinger has the ‘Motives Collection’ so I approached her with an idea to come out with ‘Motives For Lala.’ I’m just excited! It’s affordable make-up.

Insight on Kim K?

She doesn’t sleep at all. Its 5 o’clock wake-up, go to bed in the middle of the night, and she’s getting her nails done while she’s sleeping. It’s insane and it’s just the work ethic that I admire and I want to put that same drive behind this line.

[Pretti.Problem?] Is Melanie Fiona a Pretti Problem in her Photoshoot for Rolling Out Mag

Melanie Fiona recently did a photoshoot with Rolling Out Mag for an upcoming issue!

What’s ya opinion? Pretti Problem or Just a Problem?



[Prissy.Problem] New Cosmetics for Women of Color

Guess Who has linked up with Motives Makeup to release a new line of cosmetics?
– She was first seen hosting TV shows, including most reality show reunions
– She’s an actress with a new “full court” reality show
– She’s a mom, and a wife to a Top 5 NBA playa from “The Big Apple”


THAT’S RIGHT! LaLa strikes again…Her plans with this makeup line is to develop foundations for women of color to match up with all shades of skin. To accompany the foundation, she wants to add lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadows, shimmers, && 10 shades of lipgloss!

Cosmetics set to hit the streets in February 2k12…


[Prissy.Problem.Product] Nick Minaj’s OPI Collection

OPI has done it again! I would have to say that whoever the marketer’s are under the OPI nail polish collection is BRILLIANT! They always know who or what to use to market their newest products. Do you recall The Alice in Wonderland collection? What about the Shrek collection? Me myself is still searching high and low for Katy Perry’s collection.

Now they have YMCMB’s own, Nicki Minaj, who is known for her unorthodox fashion and vivid color sets to release a collection of her own [set to be released to the public january 2k12]! This color set includes Pink [Pink Friday], a metallic silver [Metal 4 Life], a rainbow metallic [Save Me], a turquoise blue [Fly], a greenish-yellow [Did it on em], and the newly popular purple “shatter” polish [Super Bass].