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[Live.Performances] Beyonce Performs “I Was Here” At United Nations Humanitarian Day

[Black.Love] PrettiProblem Of the Week: Hov and Bey


This week’s PrettiProblem is actually a couple! Spotted at Knicks game [minus their new addition blue ivy], Hov and Bey looked stylish and very much in love! Check em out…



[Props to Vibe for the imagery]

[Black.Love] Happy 4th Year Anniversary To Hov &| Bey

4 is the lucky number for the most popular couple in the industry! In honor of their 4th year wedding anniversary below are some of Hov &| Bey’s cutest paparazzi moments [in my opinion]:

For the special occasion, Beyonce has started a tumblr page in which she is rumored to share photos of her and her hubby! The site is locked now but once it’s up and running tune in…

[F.A.M.E] Blue Ivy Carter Pictures!

Bey and Hov has finally released pictures of their newest addition Blue Ivy Carter!!! She is adorable with a head full of hair…
Check out the photos below and a message from Hov and Bey as well







[] Hov Shuts Down Carnegie Hall

Who fucking with Hov? Riddle me that! Two nights ago Jay-Z built on his legacy; Being the first rapper EVER to hit the stage at the historic Carnegie Hall…

The concert benefited The United Way of New York and The Shawn Carter Foundation with proceeds going towards raising awareness on the low graduation rates in the NYC school system, battling poverty, and helping make college a reality for low-income students [Tickets ranged from $150 to $1500].

Throughout out his performance, he floated over classic tracks and even brought out guest performers, Alicia Keys and Nas. What was impressing is that Hov brought his OWN RocNation Band, DJ and Orchestra!!! [Yeaaaa his money long!]

This also marked the first time ever that he performed his “Glory” song on stage [in honor of his new baby girl]. Following the track and hearing baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter cries at the end, both Hov and the crowd had a moment of silence:

“My greatest creation was Blue…Man, that was tough. I didn’t think I was gonna make it through that one.”

Check out the photo gallery and some video performances from the event below! Kudos to Necole Bitchie for the photos…

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[She.Is.Hip.Hop] Rihanna Bigger Than Beyonce?

Seems like yesterday, Rihanna was all over the blogs and magazine for being known as the Biggest Digital Artist…well she is back at it again!

Rihanna is the FIRST female artist to hit 2 billion views on Vevo (music video website)!!! Other celebs who share her F.A.M.E is Justin Beiber, who has 2.3 billion views, and Lady Gaga who is currently at 1.8 million views

Could Rihanna be becoming a Better star than Beyonce?

Hov &| Bey Public Service Announcement

It’s rare to hear anything from the hollywood couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce, they do a great job of keeping their private lives PRIVATE and their relationship out of the public eye [other celebs need to take note and stop craving for all this attention, don’t you have enough?]….

But the couple went public today to announce the birth of their baby girl Blue Ivy Carter!!! The newest hollywood baby has only been in the world for 2 days and has already been talked about more than some “rappers” who been trying to reach “star status” for years! lol THAT SH*T KRAY…

Hello Hello Baby Blue!

We are happy to announce the arrival of our beautiful daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, born Saturday, January 7th, 2012.

Her birth was emotional and extremely peaceful, we are in heaven.

She was delivered naturally at a healthy 7 pounds and it was the best experience of both of our lives!

We are thankful to everyone for all your prayers, well wishes, love and support.

-Beyonce and Jay-Z

Sources say that the delivery was supposed to be a scheduled c-section, but hey Bey says differently sooooo *shrugs

Kudos to Beyonce Online and Necole Bitchie for the story…

[Fresh.Flow] “Glory” || Jay-Z featuring Blue Ivy Carter

“Glory” || Jay-Z featuring Blue

This is the first single Hov has drop in dedication to his newest addition Blue Ivy Carter, who was delivered

days ago in New York!

[Rumor Millz] It’s A Girl!!! Bey Gives Birth

According to multiple reports Beyonce is currently in labor and expected to give birth any minute at Lenox Hill Hospital on 77th street in NYC.

The Daily News received reports from staffer at the uptown hospital that a pregnant Beyonce checked in to the hospital under the alias of Ingrid Jackson.

Beyonce and her hip-hop hubby, Jay-Z, rented out the hospital’s entire fourth floor for $1.3 million, the employee said.

In an effort to keep images from leaking to the public, hospital workers placed tape over security cameras and are forcing employees to turn in cell phones when they arrive for their shifts, the source said.

Several security guards were spotted patrolling the outside of the hospital Saturday night.

A Lenox Hill staffer confirmed that a patient named Ingrid Jackson was in a “labor room.”

Reps for the power couple did not return requests for comment.

UPDATE: Beyonce Gives Birth!!
Beyonce has given birth to a baby girl!

Earlier tonight, The New York Daily News reported that Beyonce and Jay-Z had rented out an entire floor at New York’s Lennox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side. It was reported that she had gone into labor earlier in the evening and now Global Grind has learned that she has finally given birth.

According to Beyonce’s hometown paper, The Houston Chronicle, “Beyoncé has given birth to a girl early this evening in New York, says a close source. Baby and mom are doing fine.”


According to E!Online, the baby’s name is Ivy Blue Carter O.o *no comment*

UPDATE: as of 2:10am sources say they changed the name to Blue IVY Carter…

kudos to DefGlamfor the story….

*NEW* Music Video – Beyonce: Dance For You

Beyonce: “Dance for you”