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Wale Interviews With The Breakfast Club

Wale talks The Gifted , rumors with Hov and Rihanna, check out the video below:

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[Pretti.Problem.Xclusive] Took My Talents To South Beach…

I have taken my talents to South Beach!… I was able to catch up with the infamous George Coloney, you all may know him as Stickie213 recently for a small chat about his craft. Most popular for his YouTube Channel and exclusive sneaker reviews, Stickie talks about how he got started and what’s in the future. Peep the interview below:

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Diddy speaks on Bad Boy && Rozay


Diddy speaks on his label, Bad Boy, and clears up comments he made about Rozay in a recent interview:

On Bad Boy &| the Music Industry

“This industry has a life expectancy of two years. It started a couple of years ago like, ‘What happened with this artist? Why isn’t this artist still on the label?’ So people started to try to give us a bad rap and spread that propaganda through the new generation. When honestly, nobody on Def Jam’s still on Def Jam. No one who was on Roc-A-Fella is still on Roc-A-Fella. There’s not even still a Roc-A-Fella. It was named something else. We the last people standing, we the last crew standing. And I’m not saying that with any disrespect towards anybody’s name who I just said. We not letting that propaganda ride.”

On Rozay/Biggie Comparison

“I said on the ‘Angels’ verse, I think he channeled Biggie at night. A lot of emcees, they channel Biggie in some of their verses. You hear the influence. When you channel the influence, that doesn’t mean they’re comparing someone to them. I think I also said that he was the Biggie of the South, because I was there. I knew the effect that Biggie was having on New York and the world. I saw the effect that [Ross] was having on the South.”

Kudos to Hip-Hop DXfor the info!