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[SneakerHeads] Foot Locker On Instagram

#KOTD to the next level…. Foot Locker has finally got “hype” and joined instagram! If your followers are like mines, you see tons of kicks posted everyday to show off whats on ya feet.

Well now you can post your summer kicks pictures and mention Foot Locker (@footlocker) and #Kickstagram for an instant chance to be showcased on foot lockers website, facebook page and even signs without the franchise store!

If you don’t have instagram be sure to download it now on your iPhone or Android devices, if you don’t either please catch up on life :p

[Sneakerheads] Celeb Lavish Laces

Check out this PrettiProblem Xclusive Edition of Lavish Laces. Photos of some of the most popular celebs rocking different kicks:

Hov rockin the Air Yeezy 2 “Platinums”

Jadakiss spotted in the LeBron 9 Cannon’s

Wale in the un-released Bron Elite South Beaches

Kanye [Kim K on arm] rockin the Nike Air Flight 89’s

Teyana Taylor reppin for the ladies in the Jordan 10 Chicagos

LBJ spotted in the mall in the Jordan 11 Lows

[Sneakerheadz] Air Max 90 “Lacrosse”


New images have arrived for the latest Air Max’s! With a vivid colorway including multiple spring colors, no “official” release date has been confirmed so STAY TUNED:


[Props to Nice Kicks for the pix]

[SneaKerHeadz] You Ain’t Got These Ooonnn…

Caught on camera: Celebs in Xclusive kickz….Check their footwork:

Bron in a never before seen Colorway to his Nike LeBron 9’s

Kawhi Leonard rockin the Nike Air Max Penny 1’s

J. Cole swaggin in the Jordan 10 Chicagos (set to release in 8 days)!

Von Wafer elevating in his Jordan 3 “Black Cements”

Kudos to Yahoo! And Nice Kicks for photos…

SneaKer FreaKer Week – “Foam Friday”

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TGIFF:: “Thank God its Foam Fridays”…. Today’s SneaKer FreaKer Foams feature are the Metallic Red and Black with the Icy bottoms!

These are available to all SneaKerHeadz on 02/04/2012. We have a little time to wait so I will be surer to remind you when it’s closer to that drop date.

…….While I’m on the subject of Nike Foams, I have a couple of words I feel like I should get off my chest to Nike….

Dear Nike,

I understand that women being “obsessed with sneakers” or labeled “sneakerheadz” is kinda rare, but I think its outright disrespectful for you to release so dope azz sneakers like the Nike Foamposites, and they only available in men’s sizes! REALLY NIKE? REALLY? What if I had a son who wanted some, who didn’t have boats as feet! I really think you should consider releasing the foams in all sizes and not just 7.5 and up! Or you can make you special exception for me and just make a size 5.5 and have it personally delivered! 

Just something to think about,

A dissatisfied Consumer </3


Foam photos brought to you by Nice Kicks

SneaKer FreaKer Week- TwitPic Tuesdays

Today is Twitpic Tuesday SneaKer FreaKers!!! These kickz are bought to you by some of my followers who participated in #TodaysKicks on my timeline…Their names are featured on the photo and also on the post!


1. @MRRALPHLAURENQC: Rockin’  “Black Cement 3’s” Jordans – Black\Cement Grey\Red

2. @Chill_Cosby: Rockin’ “Cardinal 7’s” Jordans- Black\White\ Cardinal Red\Gold

3. @FettiOnMyMind: Rockin’ “Bron Miami Nights 9’s”- Cool Grey\Vivid Grey\Black\Cherry

4. @FlyKiy220: Rockin’ “Cool Grey 11’s” Jordans- Cool Grey\White

5. @MikeyMozay: Rockin’ “ADIDAS Rom’s”- White\Royal Blue\Gold

6. @PRETTYnKiCKS: Rockin’ “Nike Blazers”- Purple\Grey\Pink

7. @R_DOT_TURNER: Rockin’ “Nike ACG’s”- Black\Grey\Lime

8. @VMAC82: Rockin’ “Black Cement 3” Jordans- Black\Cement Grey\Red