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[Hoops.Round.Table] Mid-Season NBA Awards

ESPN WHO?! I have gathered some sports analyst and myself and decided to add a new element to the website! Since we cover sports why not start a weekly round table, discussing various topics! Since its our first hoops round table, I’ll start with the introduction of the analyst who will be participating:

First topic at the Round Table:

At the seasons halfway point [roughly], give me your Sixth Man, Coach, Rookie and MVP of the first half???
Click read more to see all the analyst’s answers and opinions….

[Lyric.of.the.Day] Young Jeezy

TM103: Hustlerz Ambition || “Leave You Alone

[She.Got.Game] Peep Her Rankings

Power Rankings

by: Passion Hoopz

Inspired by ESPN, I have decided to do my own personal Power Rankings each Monday, but only placing emphasis on who I feel like is the Top 5 teams in the league at the moment:

Week of 1.30

1. Miami Heat (15-5)– Although they don’t have the best record over the entire league, I placed Miami at #1 this week because they knocked off D Rose and The Chicago Bulls last week, who had the best record in Eastern Conference. [We are going to look past the MVP and former MVP both missed clutch free throws at the end of the game].

2. Oklahoma City Thunder (16-3)Durant and Co. comes in at #2 with the best NBA record in both the east and western conference. Why aren’t they number 1 in front of Miami Heat this week? Because they fell short to the Washington Wizards recently, who [at the time had the WORSE record in the league]. Unacceptable by all means.

3. Chicago Bulls (17-5)– The MVP and Bulls came back out this season, despite the lockout, ON FIRE! This week’s ranking of 3rd due to the fact that they lost to Miami [which they endured without Deng]. I’m smelling a 2010-2011 Eastern Conference Championship repeat!

4. Denver Nuggets (14-6)Coming in at 4th is the Nuggets, whom I would say got the better part of the deal with the Melo trade [looks at Knicks record]. They have come out the blocks playing very well and have one of the deepest benches in the league. They keep it up and they will be a real contender in the West.

5. Indian Pacers (13-6)I call this my cinderella story. No one expected the Pacers to come out playing like this! With no major trades made from last year’s team, Indiana is playing like a brand new team. Let’s see if they can keep it up.

[iCandy]: PrettiProblem of the Week: Evelyn Lozada

In honor of her debut in Maxim, this week’s PrettiProblem iCandy is Basketball Wives’ [how valid her being on the show is questionable being as though she will be a football wife soon], Evelyn Lozada. She took some amazing photos…

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[Pretti.Problem.Xclusive] Pick 3

Pick 3 by: Tee Little

Wake Forest at Duke, 7 p.m.
Duke should have a fairly easy time when they take on the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest tonight at 7 p.m. The Blue Devils hold a 13 home game winning streak, and will look to extend it against a quite young Demon Deacon team. The one positive the Demon Deacons can look forward to is the inefficiency of the Duke guards to guard the perimeter. Wake Forest guard C.J. Harris who is averaging 17.3 points per game should be able to get to his spots with no problem Austin Rivers and Seth Curry who probably don’t know how to spell defense. However, Duke just possesses too many weapons for the Demon Deacons. Duke at home spells disaster, a fired up crowd of Cameron Crazies, and lights out from 3 point range. I expect a impressive game for Austin Rivers, who hasn’t lived up to the hype this year, averaging a measly 13.2 points per game. Prediction= Duke blowout

North Carolina at Virginia Tech, 9 p.m.
Last time I saw the Tar heels, Tyler Zeller was crying on the bench, or whatever he was doing under that towel, and Roy Williams was pulling his team off the court with 14 seconds left in the game. Virginia Tech is just in the wrong place, wrong time predicament. Yes, I expect the atmosphere to be crazy in Blacksburg tonight. However, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. The Tar heels didn’t show up at all against Florida State and the scoreboard reflected that. I wasn’t at the Tar heels practice this week but I bet Roy Williams ran them to death. Harrison Barnes is the leader of this team, and has to show it tonight on the road. Prediction= Tar heels win

LA Lakers at Miami Heat, 8 p.m.
Will this be a preview of the NBA Finals? Hopefully. I don’t think anyone is as tired of hearing about the Heat more than Kobe Bryant. Well tonight he has a chance to put an end to it himself. Kobe Bryant leads the NBA in scoring at 30.8 points per game, and will lead the Lakers into Miami against a Wade-less Miami Heat team, which is not a bad thing, the Heat are 4-0 without Wade this season. Lebron James has been battling flu-like symptoms (so he says) all day but will start tonight. Every time I look at the Heat’s stats of a game I look to one thing, Chris Bosh. Chris Bosh is the most important player on this Heat team, when he produces they win and if not they don’t. Bad news for Bosh, he will go against the best front court in basketball tonight in Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.
Prediction= Lakers win.

[Pretti.Problem.Xclusive] @ Me So I Know It’s Real

@ Me So I know Its Real!
  By: Sa’eed Amir Shabazz

From the beginning of time love & relationships have been stagnant in everyday lives. While the foundation for them has somewhat remained we are faced with new obstacles. Ironically, social networks have become one. Nowadays a relationship isn’t cemented until we confirm our union via Facebook or display it for all of our followers to see. Why? Do we want attention? Validation? Are we so punch drunk in love we don’t care? For me I’ve never really delved into those realms. I’m fairly private in relationships with the exception of Facebook pictures I’ve kept that part sacred. I respect it too much to air out my inner feelings of a person I love & I’m with, which is why I think a lot of relationships falter. A lot of them lack respect. Often times one person is still living or acting single because their relationship has yet to be defined. One person is more into the relationship than the other. You throw trust in there & it gets worse. I’ve seen couples expose each other just because someone flirted with their partner. I’m not against relationships being open on social networks but you have to be secure in your relationship & significant other. If not you’ll have everyone in it & see yourself trying to hold this image of what you are. I’m too busy trying to make my relationship work to worry about some social network. It’s hard enough already. There are relationships it doesn’t affect it shouldn’t to any. I say just focus on your bond, connection, each other it’ll prosper. Let’s put the apps away & watch a movie. Like our parents use to. Relationships ain’t dead, you people just scared.

“Love is for everybody” – Aracelis Girmay

[Bleacher.Report] Courtside on Christmas

Typically Christmas wishes consist of Macbooks, iPods, iPads, jewelry, cell phones, etc…but not this year; everybody wishes were granted: NBA OPENING GAMES WERE FINALLY HERE! What better way to spend Christmas than surrounded by family sipping eggnog and watching some of the most elite teams compete for the first time this season [any smart parent woke their kids up at 7am to open gifts, assemble anything toys, and show them how to operate everything so that by 12 noon, they were either back asleep or too excited with their new toys to bother you during the games]! I just want to thank WHOEVER set this year’s 66-game schedule up BIG TIME because we got to see Knicks/Celtics, Mavs/Heat, Bulls/Lakers, Magic/Thunder, and Clippers/Warriors all in one day! Click below to get complete coverage!

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[Pretti.Problem.Xclusive] Behind The Lyrics: “I Used to Love H.e.R”


Hip-Hop: A culture originally defined by four key elements: MCing…DJing…Break Dancing & Graffiti Writing! In 1994, one of the dopest tracks dropped that today is known as the GREATEST Rap song ever. The lyricist behind these bars is Chicago-born rapper Common. This was a single on the album Resurrection and was produced by NO I.D. The jazzy &| soulful beat samples rooted from the The Changing World by George Benson.

Though written by Common, the meaning behind this track is [far from] common; From the H.e.R. in the title through the breakdown of each explicit bar! Any true “hip-hop” head has to respect the masterminding behind this whole production. It was the foundation of Common’s climax as an hip-hop artist He goes on to be known as one of the few pioneers of conscious rap.

Now lets dive into the breakdown of this classic

The substance of this track was a complete extended metaphor of hip-hop music being reference as a woman. The title “I used to love H.e.R” uses the acronym “H.e.R” which translates to Hearing Every Rhyme [Therefore the title of the song means “I used to love hearing every rhyme]. Common’s purpose of this song was to express his feelings and emotions towards the “fall” of conscious hip-hop and G-Funk, which was the direction the evolution of music was heading in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Common’s blatant analogy throughout the song of the degrading of a woman to the deterioration of hip-hop was the smoking gun to the immediate beef that formed between Com Sense and West Coast rapper Ice Cube, which later fueled the burning animosity between west and east coast hip-hop, though technically Chi-Town is labeled as the “Mid-West”….

The break-down of every explicit bar.

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