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[Fresh.OR.Frail] Rick Rozay: “Stay Schemin”

“Stay Schemin” || Rick Rozay featuring Drake && French Montana

Diddy speaks on Bad Boy && Rozay


Diddy speaks on his label, Bad Boy, and clears up comments he made about Rozay in a recent interview:

On Bad Boy &| the Music Industry

“This industry has a life expectancy of two years. It started a couple of years ago like, ‘What happened with this artist? Why isn’t this artist still on the label?’ So people started to try to give us a bad rap and spread that propaganda through the new generation. When honestly, nobody on Def Jam’s still on Def Jam. No one who was on Roc-A-Fella is still on Roc-A-Fella. There’s not even still a Roc-A-Fella. It was named something else. We the last people standing, we the last crew standing. And I’m not saying that with any disrespect towards anybody’s name who I just said. We not letting that propaganda ride.”

On Rozay/Biggie Comparison

“I said on the ‘Angels’ verse, I think he channeled Biggie at night. A lot of emcees, they channel Biggie in some of their verses. You hear the influence. When you channel the influence, that doesn’t mean they’re comparing someone to them. I think I also said that he was the Biggie of the South, because I was there. I knew the effect that Biggie was having on New York and the world. I saw the effect that [Ross] was having on the South.”

Kudos to Hip-Hop DXfor the info!

Sorry 4 The Wait Repeat?

The Boss, Rick Rozay announced to the twitter world that while on vacay in South Africa he had a chance to write a album worth of rhymes and will officially release a mixtape to hold us off ’til his LP God forgives, I don’t!

“Wrote an album worth of material [in South Africa]…my view was priceless.” “It’s official Drop’n new mixtape!!! #RozayNewTape”

Am I the only one who is praying that it’s not a disappointment like “Sorry 4 The Wait” was from Weezy before the release of Carter IV?!

“God Forgives, I don’t” is set to drop in 2k12, no exact date has been released!