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[PrettiProblemXclusive] Pretti Problem Of The Week: Rihanna

In honor of her new cover and feature in UK Esquire magazine, where she posed nude and OH SO SEXY… This weeks PrettiProblem is the sexy Rihanna! Check out the rest of her pictures below and be sure to check out more info on her interview at Esquire:

[Props to Esquire for the imagery]

[] New Video: “Where Have You Been” || Rihanna

[] New Video: “Take Care” || Drake ft. Rihanna

Fresh or Frail?

[] New Freestyle: “Birthday Cake” || Fabolous

[] New Video Teaser: “Take Care” || Drake ft. Rihanna

[] New Music: “Birthday Cake Remix” || Rick Ross

[Rumor.Millz] Breezy &| Rihanna Back Together


I bet you didn’t see this coming! After a domestic dispute back in 2009, Chris Brown and Rihanna decided to part ways [well not really decided, judge kinda ordered it lol]. Alot of speculation started to come about in 2011 regarding them getting back together and “supposedly” subtweeting each other, but nothing was ever confirmed by either party!
The 2012 Grammy awards was the first time the two celebs were back in the same building at the same time [from what we know], each having a blazing performance!
Here it is a week or so later and Chris Brown and Rihanna shock the world!!! If you didn’t know, Yesterday was Rihanna birthday…and boy did she bring it in in one hell of a way…
First Breezy tweets at midnight:


Which is Rihanna’s first name and she RT’ed and said thanks! …….hours later they dropped two remixes to their latest singles: Turn up the music and birthday cake. Each remix FEATURING EACH OTHER!!!
I knew it was a matter of time before they got back together. Sooo whats the next convo gone be like for Breezy and his girlfriend Karrueche??? Peep the two remixes below:
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[F.A.M.E] Chris Brown and Rihanna Together Again

Well Chris Brown and Rihanna will be back together again! Not in a relationship of course, but for the first time since the domestic incident before the Grammy’s in 2009, Breezy and Rihanna will both be in attendance and performing at the 2012 Grammy awards [set to air Feb. 12th].

Chris Brown was recently added to the performances of the night and he is also hoping to clinch his first Grammy; He is nominated for both Best Rap Song of the year and Best Album [FAME]. Rihanna was already on the list to perform with Coldplay.

Let see how this goes, I will be tuned in, will you?

Kudos to Source Mag…

[Rumor.Millz] Good Girl Gone Bad…

You wouldn’t guess which celeb has the words THUG LIFE tatted across her knuckles??


Yup, it’s Rihanna! Just weeks after being spotted by the paparazzi on her “drizzy” [kush rolled…i prefer the finer things] . Rihanna hits the www again…

In honor of Tupac [who has thug life tatted on him as well…] Rihanna took to twitter to reveal her thug life tat and her response to everyone who has their opinion about it or her

“All these bitches screaming that 2pac back #THUGLIFE”

“Err’body has an opinion, but y’all know what y’all can do with them!!! #THUGLIFE”

I personally like tattoos a lot, but I’m uncertain about this one! I look at Rihanna and nothing “thuggish” come to mind, but hey what do I know *shrugs

Kudos to Necole Bitchie for the photos!…

[She.Is.Hip.Hop] Rihanna Bigger Than Beyonce?

Seems like yesterday, Rihanna was all over the blogs and magazine for being known as the Biggest Digital Artist…well she is back at it again!

Rihanna is the FIRST female artist to hit 2 billion views on Vevo (music video website)!!! Other celebs who share her F.A.M.E is Justin Beiber, who has 2.3 billion views, and Lady Gaga who is currently at 1.8 million views

Could Rihanna be becoming a Better star than Beyonce?