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[She.Got.Game] Weezy’s Sports Corner || Episode 4

Weezy has released his 4th episode of his sports corner vlog! In this episode he’s covering the NBA, College Basketball, NFL, Baseball, and Skateboarding!

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[She.Got.Game] Jeremy Lin’s Game Winning 3…

Looking for their 6 win in a row, being lead by the new Asian Sensation, Jeremy Lin, The New York Knicks headed into Toronto for a hard-fought game!

With 15 seconds left in the game, shot clock off, Jeremy Lin called isolation, and with 0.5 seconds left drained a game winning 3 pointer! This TRUE point guard is exactly what the New York Knicks needed. Although we still waiting to see in the team when everyone is healthy [pretty much waiting to see if Melo fits in this new line-up with his “i always got to shoot” work ethic], i think if they can all play together, the Knicks can actually contend in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Check out Jeremy Lin’s shot below:


[She.Got.Game] Peep Her Rankings

Power Rankings

by: Passion Hoopz

Inspired by ESPN, I have decided to do my own personal Power Rankings each Monday, but only placing emphasis on who I feel like is the Top 5 teams in the league at the moment:

Week of 1.30

1. Miami Heat (15-5)– Although they don’t have the best record over the entire league, I placed Miami at #1 this week because they knocked off D Rose and The Chicago Bulls last week, who had the best record in Eastern Conference. [We are going to look past the MVP and former MVP both missed clutch free throws at the end of the game].

2. Oklahoma City Thunder (16-3)Durant and Co. comes in at #2 with the best NBA record in both the east and western conference. Why aren’t they number 1 in front of Miami Heat this week? Because they fell short to the Washington Wizards recently, who [at the time had the WORSE record in the league]. Unacceptable by all means.

3. Chicago Bulls (17-5)– The MVP and Bulls came back out this season, despite the lockout, ON FIRE! This week’s ranking of 3rd due to the fact that they lost to Miami [which they endured without Deng]. I’m smelling a 2010-2011 Eastern Conference Championship repeat!

4. Denver Nuggets (14-6)Coming in at 4th is the Nuggets, whom I would say got the better part of the deal with the Melo trade [looks at Knicks record]. They have come out the blocks playing very well and have one of the deepest benches in the league. They keep it up and they will be a real contender in the West.

5. Indian Pacers (13-6)I call this my cinderella story. No one expected the Pacers to come out playing like this! With no major trades made from last year’s team, Indiana is playing like a brand new team. Let’s see if they can keep it up.

[She.Got.Game] Barkley Knows Best

Couldn’t sleep this morning so I did my daily rounds on websites I find interesting, ESPN being first of course! ESPNChicago wrote a story that I found rather interesting from analyst, Charles Barkley

Barkley feels that LeBron James is a GREAT player BUT he is also “Mr Nice Guy” and it shows on the court:

“I think Lebron James’ personality is he just defers”

How does he back his opinion up?

Barkley supports his words with examples: The Heat loss to GSW in overtime is one of them; James wasn’t credited for ANY field goal attempts in the entire 4th quarter! (Although he shot 2 free throws); Whereas his teammate Dwyane Wade (first game back from foot injury) took 7 FG attempts (only making 1)…. Barkley goes on to say, as long as Bron has Wade on the floor as an outlet, he plays the passive role and always defers:

“He went from scoring 30 points a game last week when Dwyane was out to when Dwyane came back, he stepped back a little bit, ” Barkley said. “I tell people, LeBron James is a great, great player. But I think he’s just one of those nice guys,” Well Dwyane’s back, I’m going to defer to him.” That’s all it could be to not take a shot…

“My personal opinion is he just doesn’t have an aggressive personality”

Without Wade’s presence before the GSW game, Bron had superb performances; he averaged 32.5 points, 12 assists and 7.5 rebounds.

Now do I agree with Sir Charles?

I do feel like Charles has some very valid points that anyone with basketball sense would be crazy to disagree with on a logical level. I feel King James is an exceptional player, best in the league right now, due to the fact that he has a more complete game than anyone else, but he is missing the “clutch” gene. He don’t have the killer instinct when the game is on  the line to say “give me the ball and I will put the team on my back” …. he is more about getting his teammates involved.

Although I am NOT a Kobe fan, I think this is what sets his game above Bron’s. Kobe has that “killer” inside him; When the game is on the line, there is no doubt in anyone’s [fans, coaches, players] mind, whose hand the rock will be in. But here is my problem with LeBron critics, No matter how much he contributes throughout the game, he is never given credit for it because he didn’t “show up when it counted”. I disagree completely. YES, I feel like Bron has to learn to take over the game, he is indeed losing credibility as a threat at the end of the game, BUT everyone forgets that without his contribution, they wouldn’t be in the 4th quarter situation they are in! To discredit him completely is harsh and unfair…