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[MTV.Hottest.MCs] Kanye West Balls So Harf For #3 Hottest MC Spot


Chi-town hero claims the throne and hottest MCs in the game VII’s top 3 with a twisted fantasy and a ground breaking joint album

Albums: Watch the Throne and My beautiful dark twisted fantasy
Singles: “All of the lights”, “H.A.M”, “N**gas in Paris”, “Otis”
Street Bangers: “Paris remix”
Guest Appearances: “Marvin & Chardonnay” – Big Sean

[MTV.Hottest.MCs] Jay-Z Dons The Crown As #6 Hottest MC


“Over the past year he continued to raise the bar, teaming with “little brother” Kanye West to drop the groundbreaking Watch The Throne album and earning himself the #6 spot on MTV news hottest MCs in the game VII list.”

Albums: Watch The Throne
Singles: “H.A.M”, “Otis”, “N**gas in Paris”
Street Bangers: “No church in the wild”
Guest Appearances: “Talk that talk” – Rihanna, “Mr Nice Watch” – J Cole, “I Do” – Young Jeezy

[F.A.M.E] Weezy Takes Shots At The Throne AGAIN…

Check out the footage of an pre-grammy event yesterday where Weezy takes shots at “The Throne”. My personal opinion: Weezy is reaching. This is a failed attempt to start a beef that I feel like he should want no parts of. I’m a die-hard Weezy fan but this is not cool…


I met a bad red bone, I took the bitch home, I asked her what she want to watch, she said surely not, “The Throne.”

[] New Video: “N**gas In Paris” || Hov & Ye

Witness Tries to Make Sanaa Lathan a Homewrecker

According to a witness [How reliable they are i don’t know just what’s going on in the rumor mills] at a Watch The Throne concert, Sanna Lathan was “getting her groove back” with NBA star Kobe Bryant just days before his soon to be EX wife Vanessa filed for divorce. After the New York Post release these allegations, Sanna took it upon herself to clear the air about any “gossip” on the streets regarding her and Kobe via Twitter:

@JustSanaa: Can a girl have some fun at a jayz/kanye concert w/out being linked 2 a breakup? I AM NOT, NEVER HAVE BEEN, INVOVLED W/KOBE IN ANY WAY.

@JustSanaa: Anybody who pays attention knows I’m not his type… Blank stare. #blackgirlsrock #dontbelievethelies

Here’s the “so called” story the witness released to the press regarding what they saw at the concert:

According to our source, Lathan, 40, who’s the voice of Donna Tubbs on “The Cleveland Show,” came to the concert with a girlfriend, and Bryant, 33, who was with teammate Matt Barnes and a bodyguard, were initially seated on adjacent couches in the club-like friends-and-family VIP area behind center stage. Kim Kardashian , Beyoncé and Jake Gyllenhaal were among the other celebs in attendance.

Eventually, Lathan and Bryant ended up standing next to each other, and that’s when our source said the actress, who was drinking champagne, became progressively more flirtatious with the NBA star, who stuck to soft drinks, presumably because he’s in training. Lathan, attired in a sexy white-chiffon dress over what appeared to be a black bra, was “whispering in his ear” and at one point stroked the ballplayer’s face. “It seemed like a pretty intimate gesture,” says the source.

At one point she left her seat and when she came back, she made sure she was standing next to Kobe again,” says the source She also danced to Jay-Z and West’s performance in front of Bryant.

“She was throwing her head everywhere. Her hair was like slapping him in the face,” laughs the source, who adds that at one point, one of the straps of Lathan’s dressed slipped enticingly off her shoulder. When West performed “All of the Lights,” Bryant and Lathan danced together.

I would personally have to agree with Sanaa on this one. She is no where near the type I could picture Kobe with! Not saying she ain’t try though *side eye* but what do I know *shrugs


When Lyrics Go Wrong…

I arrived on the day Fred Hampton died/ Uh, real niggas just multiply

This bar from Hov in the Murder To The Excellence track from Watch The Throne collab album with Kanye has stirred up some problems….though it is blatantly obvious that Jay-Z’s intent was to show respect to the Black Panther chairman who was murdered during a FBI raid:: his son Fred Hampton Jr feels otherwise and has recently spoke on the situation:

referring to Hov as “Slave-Z”…He feels like the line was distasteful and factually incorrect. Fred Hampton didn’t get murdered: he was assassinated!

There is still no response from Jay-Z or Kanye yet…

So readers do you think The black panthers son has any validity to “calling out” of Hov?